I went to the Invictus RP day event this weekend. It was a blast! We did mods so I actually got some fighting in, which I was thankful for because I have had a really cruddy week at work and getting a little aggression out was sorely needed.

The roleplay during the day was fantastic. I wish there was time to dig into the multi layered aspects of what staff was putting out there, but I just didn't have time. I had NPCs willing to follow me to the kitchen, sit and eat with me, walk around outside and talk so we can get the RP in. I just couldn't take it all in fast enough. I think we did OK when we weren't accidentally committing treason. (Wups!)

I played up the "I am just a soldier, not a diplomat" angle of my character for all it was worth while trying to actually be a diplomat and getting multiple contentions NPCs to agree to a war plan. It was fun. There was some subtle parry-thrust-parry late in the negotiations I had with Mickeys very boisterous NPC.

There is so much in this game it is amazing. I am so glad to be a part of it and reap the benefits of so much creativity from a great group of staffers & NPCs.

My fellow PCs really knock it out of the park in a big way. Great ideas, plans, RP the whole sheebang! I am looking forward to full weekend events.

Let me take a moment to plug this LARP. We could really use players, we just don't have enough. There is great fighting, great political plot, great use of rituals and magic, a game world that is rich and diverse. Folks, please take a look at Invictus ( I have been to 3 sessions, and I have come away roaring to go for the next one every time! It's so much more that "standing around in Togas." The game world is evolving and the PCs have a real impact on the story.

Thanks all!


I have not commented on Endgame here yet. The weekend was fantastic, a brilliant ending to a brutally wonderful campaign. I have stories in my head that I need to write, a pel I need to write, and last week was grueling computer training.

I have been slowly processing the final weekend. We retrieved the Captain America shield from Marvel Comics in NYC. The In-Game fall of civilization happened before it was given to Steven Colbert (it's on the wall on his set.)

It was a cool run to get it, but the coolest thing was my fellow PCs treating it like it was "my" shield. Like I SHOULD be carrying it. I left it on the wall of the tavern all day in case anyone wanted to wield it, I don't think anyone touched it. It was always on the wall where I left it.

I didn't want to let it off my shoulder Sunday morning. I knew it would have to go back to whoever made it. When "Gave Over" was called I had to work hard, as the shield kept crawling into me van. I took it up to the folks gathering and found out Phil had made it. I returned it, thanked him and set it by him. He graciously gifted that prop to me. It will go on my wall, next to my signed Captain America T-Shirt.

Captain America comics were very important to me growing up. The times where my fellow PCs called me "Cap" or "Captain" are moments I will treasure for the rest of my days. I cannot put in to words what that meant to me.

Thanks to everyone.


Amazon Global Buying Service/Windows Software Forgery
In December I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from Amazon Global Buying Service. I figured I have used Amazon for years and have trust in them.

The software arrived in a timely manner and was in the MicroSoft packaging that you see in retail stores. No problem. It installed easily (for Windows) and worked fine, just had some drivers to reinstall for different hardware bits.

Then, at the end of March a notice appeared "This copy of Windows in not Genuine" and similar messages. With some top notch investigation by quentarielf it was discovered the copy of Windows 7 was a complete and utter forgery. The Certificate of Authenticity was a fake (embedded metal strips that should be there were just printed with ink), the DVD was made to LOOK like an actual MicroSoft disk, but while MS disks have the holographic art embedded in the plastic during manufacturing, this one was just a scalloped-edged label to just appear to be real.

So I contacted Amazon Global Buying Service, who basically said "the time limit for returns has passed, so sorry." Now whatever their corporate policies are, there is no 90 day time limit on committing mail fraud. I contacted my credit card company, who opened and investigation, I contacted the Better Business Bureau, who was going to contact Amazon. My CC got me in touch with Amazon's customer service, where I found out that "Amazon Global Buying Service" is really just "Global Buying Service" and just another Amazon seller, not really connected with Amazon itself, they were just jumping on Amazon's name coat-tails.

The good news is, Amazon doesn't like their sellers committing mail fraud though their website, so they opened up their own "investigation." During that time my CC dropped the matter and the BBB shuffled the case around to their different branches chasing Amazon's offices. In the end, Amazon had the full price of the software plus shipping refunded to my account, but gave me no details on the issue itself. Since I don't think there was just 1 forged copy of the software floating around, I think there were most likely hundreds of copies (if not thousands) they will all be failing about now.

If this happens to you or someone you know, put in the complaint through Amazon's interface, wait 3 days (that is Amazons policy on resolving issues, the seller has 3 days to reply), if the seller does not reply, contact Amazon directly at 800 201 7575. Give them to facts, let them deal with it. They came through for me in 6 days, and I ordered another copy through WalMart so it can be delivered to my local store, I can go there, open it and make sure it is OK before I leave the store.

On spotting forgeries, here is a good video:

Good luck, and don't let them keep your money! Don't forget to leave a scathing review of the product bashing Global Buying Service for this atrocity.


I had a great weekend. More later as I digest everything. The work we did on the Eluviar King and Princess/Queen paid off in spades. The players seemed to really get into it. I have gotten great feedback and I am very happy with the results!

NERO Mass Weekend
NERO WeekendCollapse )

All in all a good weekend. Just gotta catch up on sleep now. *yawn*

See you all in the world!


End Game
Got back from End Game last night. What can I say.... Oh yea!


Read more...Collapse )

Madrigal May 8-10Collapse )

The Villains Handbook
In LARPS I know there exists the most unHoly of tomes: The Villains Handbook! Through much painstaking research and personal experience I have manged to piece together a few of the items from the Villains Handbook, but I know my information is fragmentary and piecemeal at best. I will post it here in hopes we may be able to extrapolate more info as time goes on. In no particular order I have discovered the following rules:

Villains HandbookCollapse )

Civil Heretic
I thought I would share this. I found the article a really great read.



Honor vs Law
Cultures of Honour and Cultures of LawCollapse )

I found this article to be fascinating. I have struggled with my personal code of honor in the modern world for many years. I know it may carry me into stormy legal waters if I find myself in the wrong situation, where what is "right" is not what is "legal." This was a very good discourse that helps define my personal struggle and deal with the dichotomy between a modern life and medieval (type) code.

We all know of "handshake" deals and how that has been replaced by the written contract. "If it's not in writing, it doesn't count." I have felt that I am always the odd man out, living by a "my word is my bond" type of philosophy. Sometimes I feel like a chump, watching others lie and cheat but not break enough "law" to actually get in trouble. And why am I treated like I am a bad guy for standing up to behavior like this? This helped me frame my personal code better, and why it sometimes feels broken in modern society.

I also was fascinated by the Culture of Honor concept applied to inner city and criminal cultures. I don't agree with those cultural philosophy's, but it helped me understand why I find movies and stories with those elements so fascinating. It is a dark reflection of beliefs that I hold dear.



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